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Tips and Trends about Girls' Dresses

2017-03-04 view:1280

From fine to casual, from colorful to simple: clothes are the hit

It is warm outside, the sun is shining, the birds chirping: the perfect day for the schooling. Sure your daughter wants to look pretty. In a colorful jersey dress with a wide skirt she can move wonderfully, even wander around, and still looks fine. This makes girls' dresses ideal companions for festive occasions and everyday situations. With comfort, fashionable design and radiant colors, they become true styling - multi-talented and give girls the feeling of being little princesses.

custom girls dress

The right dress for every occasion

They are comfortable, easy to combine and gloriously unproblematic. Choosing, slip in, feel good - all these attributes make girl dresses a real favorite.

Uncomplicated everyday situations

Whether in the kindergarten, at school, on the playground, to the city stroll or to the family visit - relaxed clothes fit on different occasions. A particularly robust jeans dress or light skater and jersey dress is suitable for tobbing. When it gets colder, long-sleeved knitwear is the right choice, and in hot temperatures summer dresses with short sleeves are used.

For a jersey dress with long sleeves and hood, little girls can wear great-colored girls' sneakers. Combined with a colorful pantyhose, the outfit also becomes a highlight in winter. A long chain creates a playful touch. In the teens, jeans dresses are now hip. With a narrow top and boots with a flower print and a pouch bag you can create a beautiful ethnic look.

Fine occasions

Even festive clothes belong to the wardrobe of a girl. Kids in the kindergarten age especially love princesses with tulle or lace, which remind them of their favorite figure from the fairy tale. With a bow or other decorations, they feel comfortable and a matching color cardigan of fine knitwear and ballerinas with glitter complement the style.

Light cotton models with pointed elements are also well-received, create elegance and are comfortable at the same time. A narrow belt in the waist and a cloth in the hair bring a holiday flair. Teenies, on the other hand, like to put on more extravagant pieces: a dress that is cut short at the front, runs gently backwards and becomes longer, makes the girls look more adult. A clutch and sandals with small stones add subtle glamor.

girls strapless dress

You should pay attention when buying a girl's dress

The taste

Even the little ones have their own preferences - and they should be noticed. Include your child when buying clothes. After all, not you, but your child wear the clothes. So take your time, ask your child what it likes to do, and go into her wishes. So the shopping experience is quite uncomplicated.

The occasions

At school, your girl is probably wearing a different model than Grandma's 70th birthday. The beautiful dress of organza and viscose is not suitable for playing and a knitted dress does not fit into a summer party. Before you go shopping, you and your child should know when and where to wear the new dress. This simplifies the purchasing process considerably.

The fit

The dress sizes are often also the body sizes at the same time. So if you know how big your girl is, you already have half the rent. In addition, some points are important:

  • Dress should not be too tight on the shoulders. The seam is in most parts directly on the shoulder.
  • Long sleeves reach to the wrist; They look shorter as if your daughter had grown out of the model. In the case of shorter sleeves, you should pay attention that they are not too tight for sufficient freedom of movement.
  • The neckline should not be so tight that the head does not pass through when tightening, and a deep neckline would not be appropriate. Round neck or V-cutouts are almost close to most models.
  • The length of a dress is predetermined by the design. Mini dresses sit short, Maxikleider are floor-length and a knit length is suitable for the everyday life. Shorter copies should be best combined to a pantyhose.

Tip: If you are unsure, buy the dress at a number rather too big than too small.

girls vest dress

The trends of the season: these clothes are now announced

Casuality is indispensable: relaxed jersey or cotton fabrics, elastic fibers and bodyless cuts are now the focus. Everything, in which the little ones feel comfortable and move well, is the trend. Light knit, loose sweater variations and cotton hangers play the leading role.

Of course the typical girl colors like red, pink, purple and coral are not missing - they bring the little ones to the radiance. Dark tones such as black, anthracite and Bordeaux are particularly popular with fine models.

The next season will be colorful

Without big comic pints and stripes as well as polka dots it is not with everyday models. Millefleur blossoms, large floral patterns and all-over flowers have a happy effect on both the minis and the teens. However, charming elements like ruffles, flounces, lace and pinstripe are more to be found among the little girls and lend them a charming touch. The fashionable hippie style with its crochet elements, long dresses, swinging skirts and ethno details is now popular among the big ones.

Laundry and care instructions for girls' dresses

Depending on the material and color, it is recommended to clean clothes differently.

White should only be washed together with other white parts. It is the same with black. Colorful pieces can but together in the machine. You should also pay attention to the raw materials: wool can only be washed cold and in a special program without spinning. Cotton or synthetic fibers are more uncomplicated and may also be in the machine at 40 degrees. The dryer should mainly be used with pure cotton. All other parts are shaken briefly after washing and then hung on the clothes dryer to dry. Decorated or delicate models are best placed in the cleaning, so that the clothes are not damaged.

Tip: Dry clothes from knitting rather lying so they do not hang out.

Conclusion: dresses conjure up girls little ladies

In the leisure time girls dresses are always more relaxed. Comfort and fit are as important as never before. Loose cuts are complemented by elastic jerseys in colorful tones. But also dark tones are modern and well received especially for teens for noble occasions. For more embellishments, you can go to lace, sequins, ruffles or flounces to create a larger princess feel.

  • There is a matching dress for every occasion: cotton, knit or jersey styles are uncomplicated and suitable for everyday wear. Finer occasions require more elegant pieces. With tulle, lace or appliqués, you are ideally suited to weddings, schooling or family celebrations.
  • When buying the dress you should include your daughter and also pay attention to her taste. Make sure you know what the dress you are looking for should match. What is also decisive is the fit: the shoulders and sleeves have to sit properly. If you are unsure, buy the model a bit too big or too small.
  • Sensitive materials such as wool can be washed cold and in the special machine program, uncomplicated fabrics such as cotton or synthetic fibers can also be washed at 40 degrees.

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